We do Property Maintenance.

Looking for property management?
Please contact:
Clear Sky Realty, Inc.
Phone: 330-455-Home (4663)
Fax: 330-455-4662
Clear Sky Properties, Inc.
For all of your maintenance needs.  
We specialize in rental property maintenance.
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Clear Sky Training, Ltd.
We also provide Concealed Carry Training for
groups of 10 or more.

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We are not a Property Management company or Brokerage.
If you are interested in Rental management services or renting a home please
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Background Check & Info
Sheet For Maintenance
Our Services:
General Property Maintenance
We now offer Drain Cleaning services!
Mold Remediation
Fire Restoration
24hr Emergency Line
Contractors Wanted:
Please fill out a background check form.  Before you get keys to any of
the properties we service, we must have a approved background check
on file.  
Please fill out an info sheet.  You can attach a resume, but you will not
be considered unless we have a background sheet filled out as well.  
This must include what compensation you want and references.

We are currently looking for honest, hardworking contractors that want
stability, take pride in their work, can handle using a computer daily
and have a reliable vehicle.

If you are interested in contracting for us please fill out a
W9.  This is a
contracting business and you will be hired as a contractor.  

All contractors are paid by check the week after a contract is
completed.  Ask any of our contractors or vendors how quickly they get
paid.  You will never be asked for 30 day terms again!  Any advances
(for large jobs...) can be agreed on before work is started.  

Finally attach a current copy of your Liability Insurance, BWC, Lead
Safe class & any professional licenses or certifications that you have.  
You do not have to have all of these to start, but the more you have
the more contracts you will be awarded & the higher your
compensation may be.

We are willing to hire individual contractors or crews based on the job.  
If you are interested, I can't wait to hear from you.  Please email this
paperwork to
CEO@ClearSkyProp.com & I will set up a meeting with
 Send a resume with the background check form or use the info
sheet below.